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What materials are the mop & spray bottle made of?

Made from extremely durable materials, Infuse products were designed with reusability in mind.

Spray Bottles are made from:

Head & Trigger: ABS
Nozzle: PP
Bottle: PET
Straw: PE

Spray Mops are made from:

Handle Core: ABS
Handle: TPR
Trigger: ABS
Bottle Holder: PA
Bottle Cap Cover: TPR
Internal Bottle Cap: PP
Lower Pole: Steel
Bottle: ABS
Bottle Housing: PP
Mop Head & Nozzle: PP
Metal Hook: Stainless Steel

Do you test on animals?

We don't test on animals ever. Infuse is a Leaping Bunny Certified cleaning product. To learn more about Leaping Bunny Visit

Are your cleaning liquids biodegradable?

Yes, the surfactants in our cleaning concentrates are biodegradable and break down quickly into non-polluting compounds.

Where are Infuse products made?

Our Cleaning Concentrates are made in USA. Our Spray Bottles, Mops, Caddy, Cloths are made in China.

Are Infuse products BPA free?

Yes, Infuse is a Prop 65 compliant cleaning system and completely free from BPA.

What is the pH scale for Infuse cleaning solutions?

The pH of each of our formulas is shown below:

  • Hardwood Floor Formula (mixed) is 6.5 - 8.0
  • Multi-surface Floor Formula (mixed) is 6.5 - 8.0
  • All Purpose Surface Cleaner (mixed) is 9.0 - 11.0
  • Bathroom Surface Cleaner (mixed) is 1.1 - 2.5
  • Glass & Window (mixed) is 6.0 - 8.0

Are your products disinfecting?

No, we don't use antibacterial agents or traditional disinfecting ingredients like bleach or ammonia.

How many ounces of cleaner does one Infuse concentrate make?

All Purpose, Glass, & Bath concentrates make 24 oz. of cleaning liquid. 

Hardwood and multi-surface floor cleaning concentrates make 26 oz. of cleaning liquid

Can I use Infuse products if I have a soy or nut allergy?

Yes, our products are formulated without any soy or nut products or by-products.

What is the difference between the hardwood and multi-surface floor cleaning formulas?

Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner: Contains a solvent (Brand Name: Eastman Omnia Solvent), which the Hardwood Floor does not. Has a slightly higher performance than the Hardwood because it must perform on a variety of floor surfaces, which are more resilient to cleaners than a sealed hardwood floor. This can also be used on Hardwood Floors.

Hardwood Floor Cleaner: Contains 5% more water in the concentrated version than the Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner does. A more gentle formula that demonstrates slightly lower performance on multi-surface type floors, as it is meant to perform mainly on sealed hardwood floors that are generally are less resilient to cleaners. This formula can be used on Multi-Surface Floors, however, the Multi-Surface Floor cleaner would likely work better on the more heavily soiled multi-surface type floors than the Hardwood Floor cleaner would.

Do Infuse products come with a warranty?

The mop is built with a limited lifetime warranty. If your mop breaks within 5 years of purchase, we will replace it. Just be sure to supply us with the proof of purchase date and email us at

The spray bottle is built with a limited lifetime warranty. If your spray bottle breaks within 1 year of purchase, we will replace it. Just be sure to supply us with your proof of purchase date and email us at

Microfiber refill pads or microfiber cloths are not covered under warranty. For proper use, care, and other tips and tricks, please email us at

Infuse cleaning concentrates are not covered under warranty. If the concentrate is not releasing, email us at for help.

Is the cleaning concentrate cartridge recyclable?

No, not at this time. Due to the size requirements of most municipal recycling facilities for all #5 plastic products. However, we are actively working on an alternative solution to reduce our environmental footprint. Sign up here to stay in the loop.

Where can I find your ingredients?

You can find a list of ingredients for each formula under the "Ingredients" section on each product page.

Can I use the spray bottle for all formulas/fragrances?

Yes, absolutely. Infuse cleaning concentrates will work in any Infuse refillable bottle.

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