Evolutionize Your Everyday Cleaning

Evolutionize Your Everyday Cleaning with Casabella Infuse Cleaning System

Evolutionize Your Everyday Cleaning

It’s time to rethink, reuse, recycle

Welcome to the new clean. Casabella Infuse makes it simple to keep every surface in your home spic and span – from mirrors to floors, windows to walls – while being friendlier to everyone who shares your home, to the planet, and to your wallet. 

We took the best ideas from spray mops, dusting pads, and disposable wipes and redesigned them, evolving a new all-in-one cleaning system.

Our spray mops are built to last for years, working hand in hand with microfiber pads that go into the washing machine (rather than the trash can) and concentrate cartridges that use 70% less plastic than other brands (reducing landfill waste). 

Unlike other brands, we don’t ship (or charge you for shipping) water, we only use non-toxic formulas, we promote reuse of bottles and cleaning pads, and we save you money in the long term.

Want to know more? Watch our new TV ad, on how Infuse is not only effective, but friendlier to kids, pets, budgets, and the planet.

In short:

  • We redesigned cleaning, to be more effective and create less waste
  • Washing-machine friendly microfiber cloths don’t clog your trash can or landfills
  • Concentrate cartridges reduce your family’s carbon footprint
  • Everyday cleaning just got simpler and more earth-friendly

Save over 50% on the Infuse Cleaning System

May 11, 2021
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