Cruelty-free cleaning is more than just a fad.

Leaping Bunny Certified Cleaning Products

Cruelty-free cleaning is more than just a fad.

We never test on animals, and we never will. Here’s why.

With advances in technology and computer modeling, as well as testing on tissue cells cultured in a laboratory, there’s no reason to ignore cruelty-free cleaning options. Of course, the fact that our products are truly non-toxic makes a big difference, but we only test products in these science-based, cruelty-free ways. 

Actually, there is one reason that companies test on mice, rabbits, cats, and dogs: because it is seen as good business. Testing on animals is less expensive than the methods we use, and it also opens up new markets, namely mainland China, which requires animal testing in cosmetics and other products. 

But this is no excuse. Causing fear and suffering to any living creature is unacceptable and goes against the value of improving the quality of life that we hold dear. And in animal testing (this is horrible and unacceptable, but true), products are tested by force-feeding, forced inhalation, spraying into the eyes or onto shaved skin, or even injection. 

To us, the “extra cost” doesn’t feel like an extra, when there are cruelty-free tests that are even more reliable for proving that our products are safe. And Infuse doesn’t get sold in mainland China, we’ll be okay. It’s worth every penny. 

We’re proud to say that Infuse products are certified with the extremely exclusive, internationally recognized “Leaping Bunny” seal of approval by the CCIC, a coalition of eight national animal protection groups. 

Infuse is Leaping Bunny CertifiedThe CCIC was very specific in its certification, noting that our cruelty-free cleaning products live up to that promise — and then we went farther, making Infuse “truly eco-conscious,” “free from harmful chemicals and designed to drastically reduce single-use plastics.”

100% free of animal testing. Forever. Because it’s the ethical path, and the right one for the world we share with each other, and with every living being.

Cruelty-free cleaning is the way to go — Let’s Recap:

  • Science and technology have advanced to the point where animal testing is less reliable than other options
  • Cruelty in any form is wrong. It’s unethical and immoral
  • If we can’t enter markets that require animal testing, so be it
  • We’re proud to stand with other companies certified as cruelty-free.

Not sure if your favorite products are actually cruelty-free? Do a little super-sleuth investigating and visit the shopping guides on and to find a list of cruelty-free certified brands. 

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August 29, 2020
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